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Dustin Johnson explains why he hits a fade — and how it helps his game by Dylan Dethier, 25 August 2020


「キャリアの大半はドローを打ってたんだけど,2015年の終わり,16年を迎えるにあたって,ブッチ・ハーモンとSherwood(南カリフォルニア)にいて,フェードに取り組んでたんだ。ずっとそれに取り組んでて,フェードは必要なときだけ打つって感じで,特に気にしていなかった」。 *1

「そのとき新しいドライバーを試してて,それが何だったか正確に思い出せないけど,Sherwoodでプレーしてると超ストレートに打たなきゃいけないんだけど,それで本当に苦労したんだ。そのときの自分の打つ感じが本当に気に入らなくてね。なんでコースに出て,『今日は全部カットで打つぞ』とか言って,それでスコアが61かなんかだったんだ。次の日にコースに出て,『今日も全部フェードで打つぞ』って言って,62だった。そのあとでこう言ったと思うんだよね,『これから全部フェードで打つぞ』って。超シンプルだよ」。 *2

*1:“So I played a draw for a lot of my career out here, and then I just remember at the end of ’15, I think, going into ’16, I was at Sherwood [in southern California] and me and Butch [Harmon] had been working on hitting a fade, like, all the time we were working on it, and I would hit it occasionally when I needed to and didn’t mind it.”

*2:“I was working with a new driver, I can’t remember exactly which one it was, but playing Sherwood you’ve got to drive it really straight, and I was really struggling. I just wasn’t happy with the way I was hitting the ball. So I went out, I said, today I’m going to cut every shot, and I think I shot 61 or something. The next day I went out and said, ‘I’m going to fade every shot today, as well,’ and I think I shot 62. After that I think I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to fade it from now on.’ Pretty simple.”