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去年の渋野日向子の全英優勝で,欧米プレスの中でいちばん盛り上がっていたように見えた Beth Ann Nichols が書いた,ミッキー・ライト追悼記事です。



Mickey Wright in 1963: One of golf’s most epic seasons by Beth Ann Nichols, 21 February 2020



同シーズン,ライトは32ある公式大会のうち28試合に出場した。トップ3フィニッシュが23回,トップ5入りが24回。彼女がトップ10入りを逃したのは1963年にわずか一度,Rock City Ladies Open での29位だった。28試合で27回のトップ10入りというのは,いまだに破られない記録だ。これで得られた賞金は31,269ドルである。*2

彼女の友人にしてゴルフ歴史家のロンダ・グレンは,その著書『The Illustrated History of Women’s Golf』の中でこう記している。ライトはそのシーズンの究極のプレッシャーから逃れるために,アートギャラリーを覗いて,誰にも気づかれることのないようにし,大好きな印象派の作品に没頭したりしたと。*3





  • 2月1-3日:Sea Island Women’s Invitational, Sea Island GC, Sea Island, Georgia, $6,000
  • 2月7-10日:St. Petersburg Women’s Open, Sunset GC, St. Petersburg, Florida, $15,500
  • 5月10-12日:Alpine Civitan Open, Alexandria CC, Alexandria, Louisiana, $7,500
  • 5月16-19日:Muskogee Civitan Open, Muskogee CC, Muskogee, Oklahoma, $8,000
  • 5月23-26日:Dallas Civitan Open, Glen Lakes CC, Dallas, Texas, $13,000
  • 5月31-6月2日:Babe Zaharias Open, Beaumont CC, Beaumont, Texas, $8,000
  • 6月20-23日:Women’s Western Open, Maple Bluff CC, Madison, Wisconsin, $7,500+
  • 8月9-11日:Waterloo Women’s Open Invitational, Sunnyside CC, Waterloo, Iowa, $7,500
  • 8月16-18日:Albuquerque Swing Parade, Paradise Hills CC, Albuquerque, New Mexico, $10,000
  • 8月31日-9月2日: Idaho Centennial Ladies’ Open, Hillcrest CC, Boise, Idaho, $7,500
  • 9月19-22日:Visalia Ladies’ Open, Visalia CC, Visalia, California, $10,000
  • 9月27-29日:Mickey Wright Invitational, La Jolla CC, La Jolla, California, $9,000
  • 10月10-13日:LPGA Championship, Stardust CC, Las Vegas, Nevada, $16,500+ 「+」はメジャータイトル


*1:It’s still a shock that Mickey Wright is gone. There’s so much to celebrate about her legendary career. Let’s start with 1963, a year in which she dominated the tour in mind-blowing fashion. Wright won 13 times that season, including two majors, setting an LPGA record that stands today. But the 40.6 winning percentage that year tells only part of the story.

*2:Wright competed in 28 of the 32 official events that season. She recorded 23 top-3 finishes and placed in the top five 24 times. She finished outside the top 10 only once in ’63, a tie for 29th at the Rock City Ladies Open. Wright’s 27 top-10 finishes in 28 starts set a record that stands today. She won $31,269 for her efforts.

*3:Rhonda Glenn, a friend and golf historian, wrote in her book “The Illustrated History of Women’s Golf,” that Wright dealt with the extreme pressure of that season by sneaking off to art galleries and wandering around unnoticed, getting lost in the Impressionist paintings that she loved.

*4:“I hate to lose,” Wright told Glenn. “The perfectionist bit in golf doesn’t have as much to do with doing it perfectly as the total rejection and horror of doing it badly. And I don’t know which comes first, or which is more important. Winning never really crossed my mind that much. It’s trite, but I knew if I did it as well as I could, I would win. If I did it as well as I could, it would have been better than anybody else did it, and therefore I would win.

*5:“… I look back on it like it’s somebody else. It’s like a dream, another life. What amazes me is that I could have done it as long as I did.”

*6:Wright won 60 titles before her 30th birthday. She retired from full-time competition in 1969 at age 34 with 13 major championships. She ranks second on the all-time victory list with 82 titles, six behind Kathy Whitworth.