Rory McIlroy's advice for how amateurs can improve is practical and brilliant by Jessica Marksbury, 31 October 2019


WGC-HSBC Champions の開催中,ザンダー・ショフレがジュニアプレーヤーたちに対して「上手くなりたいなら,自分より上手い,そして自分が嫌いなプレーヤーと一緒にプレーするといい」というアドバイスをしたらしいんですが,それについて訊かれたロリー・マキロイのコメントが例によって面白い。

“I think for me, I was always the youngest to play, whether it be at my home golf club or in competitions,” he said. “So I was always playing with people that were better than me, and I think that — even my caddie now, Harry, he’s basically five years older than me, and he was a very good player, and I always played with him. So Harry was always better than me growing up as a kid, but that made me a better player because I saw what level I needed to get to."


“I don’t think you necessarily, you know, you don’t have to not like the person that you’re playing with,” McIlroy continued. “But I think it’s a wonderful piece of advice to find people that are better than you and to play with them, because it shows you what you need to do to get to that next level.”