I want to be a window through which Japanese golfers can see what’s happening outside. TPI G2/P2.

ピンは抜く? 挿す?|モリナーリ兄の実験|Golf Digest

3つスピード(弱:真ん中からコロン/中:壁に当たる/強:当たって跳ねる)と3つの方向(真ん中/ピンに触る/ピンをかすめる),計9つのパターンで,それぞれ100球ずつ「Perfect Putter」を使って行なった実験の結果がこちら。



Edoardo Molinari conducts pretty scientific putting/flagstick experiment — and the results may surprise you | Golf News and Tour Information | Golf Digest by Alex Myers, 10 January 2019